Friday, 23 Oct 2020

SWITZERLAND – Suiza – HIKING WENGEN TO LAUTERBRUNNEN caminando – Grindelwald – Engelberg

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SWITZERLAND – Suiza – HIKING WENGEN TO LAUTERBRUNNEN caminando – Grindelwald – Engelberg

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    By this life in this earth we understood the power and wisdom of our creature.
    Life in this earth is very short and limited by all means.
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    The Heaven is created by gold, silver, pearls and diamonds. The size of Heaven is bigger than our galaxy. Heaven is somewhere near seventh sky.
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    We follow what authentic religious scriptures uniting. All scriptures uniting in 'Single Supreme God'.
    That God is enough to us.
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    Listen 'Mufti Menk' in u tube (from Arebia. but english lecturer on Islam.).
    Listen 'Minu Muneer' in U tube. She was a film actress from a Christian family (India).
    Listen 'Muhammed Issa' in U tube. He also from Christian community (India).
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    Also study the teaching of Islamic scholar late Nasarudheen Albany. (He from Albeniya. Eu).
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  2. Tinutul in care se afla Elvetia e un loc binecuvintat de Dumnezeu. Toate frumusetile de pe planeta sint adunate acolo.

  3. Очень красиво смотрится. Это восхищает. 🙏👌👏👍✌🤘🙌✋🖐😘🤗🙋🏡🏠🏣🏤🛤🛤🛤🛤🛤🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂🚂

  4. Boa tarde….. Lindo video gostei….. Muito obrigado por compartilhar conosco…. muita natureza……quem sabe um dia irei viajar para este lugar maravilhoso….. Deus abençoe a todos……


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